Karl Rove’s attempt to re-write history doesn’t change the fact – There were no WMD in Iraq

OPINION. I just saw the war drama Green Zone with Matt Damon. It’s fiction based on history and political reality. Fantastic movie in many respects. We follow a small platoon looking for WMD in Iraq but none were found. The truth is being revealed. There never were any WMD in Iraq and the war was based on false grounds.

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson 2010-03-13. I also commented the movie Green Zone in Washington Post. Image from CNN and the article: Bush didn’t ’lie us into war

If you look at the big picture there is a sequence of events tailing each other. First 911, then the propaganda machine called ”war on terror”, then the WMD fallacy, the urge to terminate Saddam to ”save” the people of Iraq, then the political recruiting of the American people to start the war machine, and then comes one war after another. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and later maybe Iran.

There are the reasons for maintaining the troops in the Middle East, the lame excuses for expanding the war, the sustained war, the installation of US military bases all over the place, the so-called suicide bombs (which need no crime scene investigations), the suspected links to al Qaida who’s leader is never found, the overtaking of oil fields, the installations of US companies in the Middle East to rebuild the infrastructure and of course the inauguration of the ”righ”t and handpicked political leaders to install western democracy, which the people never asked for in the first place.

Let me think. Why I get this feeling it was all planned from the start?

Karl Rove was one of the architects and now he re-writes history in his book ”Courage and Consequence” to justify the actions of the Bush administration but also the Obama administration. Obama says US will retract its troops from the Middle East but not until another 30,000 troops are being sent there to ”secure” the region.

Meanwhile Big media publish articles about the enormous cost of the war now reaching some 900 billion USD and no one draws the conclusion that the enormous cost is somebody else’s enormous revenue.

No one – or very few – in the Big media looks in the direction of where the money goes. If we look closely the money seems to go to the military-industrial complex and the construction industry, all profiteers of the war machine and the sustained war.

I recommend you to read the book: ”The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power” by James Moore and Wayne Slater. I also recommend the movie Green zone.

Text: Torbjorn Sassersson

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