I realized I still had some important files on 100MB Zip-discs and 1, order 44MB 3 1?2-inch floppy disks to be recovered. So I bought a USB diskette drive but had yet problems to extract the files. They came out as some code. Therefore I decided to re-build my old Power Macintosch G3 PowerPC with built-in Zip drive and diskette station. The G3 has all the old software too. However I found that I didn’t have any old keyboard so I bought a PS2-to-USB adapter. But of course it was all wrong.

Adapter PS2 to USB

Oh no, this adapter won’t work.

Next step is trying to find out what this old ”Mac-hole” is called. See marking #1 in the picture below. Is there any adapter for this ”hole” to connect to a modern USB keyboard? What is the name of the ”hole”?

I asked these questions on this expert page and he answered: You must buy an ADB keyboard.

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