The Stargate Remote Viewer

A documentary about a former psychic spy

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RV = Remote Viewing

• The Stargate Project
• Spying on Russia
• Missing people cases
• Corporate RV
• RV on ETs
• Matrix and Time
• Brain and Mind
• Wisdom from RV

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Production 2007: Sassersson, Edding och Paulsén.
Time: 30 min.
Language: English
Voice-over: Judith Bourque,
producer of The Real Patch Adams

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About Joe McMoneagle
joseph mcmoneagleJoe (born 1946) is known for his involvement in the development of Remote Viewing by U.S. Army Intelligence and the Stanford Research Institute within what is best known as Project Stargate.

He was recruited due to a range of unusual paranormal experiences in his early life, including Out-of-Body experiences and a UFO sighting. Along with Ingo Swann he has become one of the most important figures connected to the development of Remote Viewing and the use of paranormal abilities for military intelligence gathering.

Joseph McMoneagle presently resides in Virginia with his wife Nancy, where they run a business aimed at the corporate world called Intuitive Intelligence Applications, Inc.

Joseph McMoneagle is one of the few remote viewers who have conducted demonstration viewings for many TV shows (150 times) and he is regarded as one of the most skillful remote viewers there is in the public eye to date.

Review by Lyn Buchanan
lyn buchanan"I was impressed by both the quality of this interview, and by the fact that it finally captures the real Joe McMoneagle: his warm personality, his philosophy, and his humor. This interview is a must for the library of anyone who is interested in Joe, in remote viewing, and in the workings of the human mind."
Lyn Buchanan, Stargate Remote Viewer
Web site:

Review by Sandy Frost
sandy frost"The other day I had the time to view this incredible DVD “The Stargate Remote Viewer: Joseph McMoneagle, an interview with a former psychic spy”. It was so good, I watched it twice.

This DVD is the perfect place to start if you have any questions about remote viewing or things psychic. It’s also a keepsake for those who are steeped in things RV". Sandy Frost, Journalist
Web site:

courtney brownReview by Courtney Brown
"Joe McMoneagle’s new interview on the subject of remote viewing is especially intriguing, and one that everyone interested in psychic phenomena and even the future of science should see.  To any objective mind, Mr. McMoneagle has unambiguously demonstrated the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, both in front of television cameras around the world as well as in highly controlled laboratory experiments.  
For decades he has breathtakingly used his mind to witness verifiable events across time and space, sometimes literally going where no human has gone before.  Impeccable military credentials, extensive scientific involvement, and no small measure of personal courage marks Mr. McMoneagle as a leader who history will describe as singular.  Anyone who has not realized the revolutionary potential of Mr. McMoneagle’s ideas and experiences simply is not listening.  This is an interview filled with nuance and insight that you will want to watch more than once."

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., author of Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception, web site:

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Produced by Sasser Media Lab


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